Straight Bait Review

90% Of Men Fantasize
About Other Men [PROOF]?
How To Sleep with straight guys book system program review



That’s not my opinion.

That’s a stone cold, scientific FACT.

A Harvard Phd just concluded the biggest sexual orientation study ever conducted.

Nearly half a million people participated in this anonymous study, and the results are nothing short of astounding:


Over 90% of men admitted to having a sexual experience or a sexual fantasy about another man.



I know, it sounds unbelievable.

But it’s TRUE.

In other words…

Heterosexuality’ as we know it is a myth.

A fallacy.

A blatant LIE.

A lie that’s been spread by  cultural forces and religious dogma.

The truth is, most men are closer  to ‘bi-sexual’, than they are to ‘heterosexual’.

But they’ll never admit it. And very often, they won’t even admit it to themselves.

That’s how powerful this pressure is…

The pressure to be ‘straight’.

But if ‘straight’ really exists, rest assured, it only exists in a very small percentage of men.

In other words, men who experience same sex attraction are the MAJORITY.

We are the majority.

And the men who are self-aware enough to be reading this email right now – are the  men who are brave enough to transcend immense cultural pressure.

And I commend you for it.

So be proud of your desires.

Because they are as natural as breathing.

Unfortunately, most men are unable to  embrace, or even understand their suppressed sexual desire.

And that’s where Straight – Bait comes in.

The Straight – Bait System helps to unlock these desires in many ‘straight’ men.

Better yet, it does it in a covert fashion –  so you never have to risk exposing your  intentions.

In fact, once you master the system, you’ll be able to get HIM to make the first move on you.

Check out the controversial video now, before it gets taken down for good. As  you can imagine, it’s making a lot of waves.

Talk soon,

Jack Slade

Straight guys sleeping with gay man book system program review


PS: I’ve Got AMAZING News…

Since I launched Straight – Bait, the reception has been incredible.

Hundreds of men writing to me  weekly, asking about the program, sending me amazing testimonials about how Straight – Bait has changed  their life for the better.

It’s been an incredible ride so far, truly.

And now, I’d like to share some great news with you:

I’m back to work, and in the process of  creating several new and exciting programs for you!

And I’d like to know which one interests YOU the most.

So please take just a moment to look at the  new products we’re creating, and vote for the one you’d be most likely to invest in

Thanks again, and I’ll be in touch with you very soon.

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Straight Bait Review

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Sleeping With Straight Guys Review
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